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With six successful years of programme delivery, clouddog now has an alumni base of over 120 beneficiaries.  We have developed a programme to support our  alumni with a sense of community and an on-going connection to what is an intense and often life-altering experience.

We host a minimum of two annual alumni events to bring local alumni together.  These gatherings reinforce the network that the alumni can establish among themselves and lean on for educational and career pursuits.   In addition, clouddog offers continuing education as our alumni are invited to attend the monthly core programme sessions which include educational sessions on topics relating to the environment, education / career planning, and training on practical skills such as interviewing or delivering presentations.  These sessions provide them with a touch-point with clouddog but also give them access to resources that may help them in their educational and career paths.

Alumni act as ambassadors for clouddog as well as support the charity’s fundraising efforts, social networking presence or even assist with day-to-day operations such as data crunching, editorial input to the newsletter and organising events / monthly sessions.  In so doing, the beneficiaries have the opportunity to do charitable work, flex their professional skills and continue to engage with their local community.  Furthermore, their on-going connection with clouddog demonstrates continuity and commitment to future employers.

We follow up alumni each year as part of our Monitoring & Evaluation process to find out what they are doing now and what impact they perceive clouddog had on their choices and opportunities.  Young people’s participation in cloudog is developing: alumni take part in interviewing future candidates, developments of the programme components and this year we are inviting two alumni to join the cloudog board; many take part in monthly sessions for young people and to provide coaching for individual projects (many alumni are now at university or graduated).

“I had a good day building houses for the less fortunate. I have a passion to serve my people and community in anyway I can, and I owe it all to clouddog who ignited this amazing flame within me. “Lucky 2009

 See our Community Acts page for examples of activities where our Alumni remain involved.