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33 Biz Engagement

The broad variety of components in our work with young people means there are numerous ways in which an organisation – small or large – can be involved and engage employees.   Whilst funding is vital to the sustainability of clouddog, we appreciate that employees and communities can add unique value to our beneficiaries.  Employees can access engagement through our mentoring, leadership and employee community volunteerism opportunities.

There are opportunities for both, individuals and employees of a supporting company, to be involved our programmes.

  • You can increase your involvement by asking us to target applicants from schools supported in your local area.  This will enable your company to deepen it’s relationships within the communities in which you operate.
  • You and your staff can build your community relations through involvement in the completion of the local environmental projects proposed and implemented by clouddog beneficiaries.
  • Your staff could acts as mentors to the beneficiaries of clouddog.
  • There is the potential for all mentors to become clouddog leaders for the Global Insight component of the experience.
  • Opportunities to involve staff and clients in the fundraising for clouddog.
  • For your company to be seen as a key facilitator in the early development of an innovative agent of change.

Please download the slide WorkingTogether and contact us  for further details.

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