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A board of between six and ten* active trustees meet quarterly to plan the direction of the charity and to make key decisions.

We believe the diversity and experience of our Board is crucial to the success of our programmes. Three members hold a total of over 30 years experience in Investment Banking; another has eight years experience in Talent & Development; we have two senior Educators with more than 20 years experience, plus varied Corporate experience of more than 40 years. Each of them is fully dedicated to the aims and objectives of clouddog and the impact our programmes have achieved.

Name Position
Desiree FRIEND Trustee Selection, Events, Alumni
Fazel MOHAMMED Trustee Selection, Alumni
Ruwayne KOCK Trustee Selection, Fundraising
Christopher STOW** Director & UK Chairperson Strategy, Selection, Alumni
Karen MAHON Trustee Selection, Fundraising
Teresa BROSNAN** Director & Programme Mgr Strategy, Selection, Fundraising
*Constitution limits a maximum of seven in South Africa
**Also on the UK Board

Annual Report & Accounts
We attach our South African annually audited accounts and Annual Report below.  Our current framework of fundraising means that the majority of fundraising takes place in the UK, with transfers made towards our SA activities and SA beneficiaries from the UK registered charity.  We suggest you read the SA accounts in conjunction with the latest version of the UK accounts.

2009 – 2012 Accounts