Global Insight

28 Keystones

Upon successful completion of the components contained in Open Horizons, students in the both the UK and South Africa can be eligible to be part of the Global Insight programme.  If selected to be part of the programme beneficiaries from the UK and South Africa are united in southern Africa for a month long immersion programme.

The immersion is comprised of five key components:

Cultural Introduction
UK students meet their SA counterparts for the first time.  The group goes on several cultural excursions, educational sessions of South African history and apartheid, and engage in team exercises to unite the group and prepare for the components ahead

The group spends one week in game reserve working behind the scenes with vets, ecologists, and accredited guides completing hands-on conservation work including tracking and identifying animals, game counts, botany and vegetation impacts, field guiding and conservation ethics.

The group spends one week in an authentic Zulu rural village where the main focus is to complete a series of team-based projects to benefit the local community.  Participants are given the opportunity to take on leadership roles in project execution.  During their stay, participants are exposed to daily Zulu life and culture in a genuine village.

The group spends one week on a wilderness trail in the Imfolozi Game Reserve.  The participants carry all their equipment on their backs and sleep in the bush. Strong team dynamics are required for safety and participants are given the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the group.  Emphasis is placed on self-reflection and discovery.

Wrap-up and self-evaluation
Students are brought together to assimilate, evaluate and digest the experience both in the group and in solitude in order to prepare for their return home and next steps in life.  Students are given personal development feedback from their leaders to assist them in their process.

Beneficiaries cannot be eligible for the Global Insight programme without first completing the Open Horizons programme.