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clouddog offers inner city young people aged 16 to 18 an intensive twelve-month programme of personal development, skills acquisition and activity in environmental and conservation issues.
Through this unique platform of individual and team based community service, environmental project immersion, mentoring, and leadership and professional skills training, we give these individuals the opportunity to establish key skills and to be motivated to plan their future and make positive choices.

We assist disadvantaged young people to build skills that remain useful for the rest of their lives, and we challenge them to think bigger and better for their futures as they begin to make critical choices for the step into adulthood.

clouddog run two principal programmes:  Open Horizons and Global Insight.

Open Horizons
The programme runs for eleven months using a series of both continuous and discrete activities and touch-points. Operates in London, the home community and does not include any travel or expeditions.  It is compromised of the components detailed below.  At the eleven-month marker, successful students can then be eligible to participate in Keystones.

Global Insight
Is an international and cultural component where successful beneficiaries travel to South Africa for a month long environmental immersion.  The immersion cohort includes South African and UK beneficiaries that have successfully completed the Open Horizons programme in their local home community. Global Insight offers cultural, leadership and team activities interspersed with time for self-reflection.

Following completion of either the Open Horizons or Keystones programme, all beneficiaries are invited to join the clouddog Alumni community


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