Other Ways To Donate

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Individual Volunteering
Time is one of the greatest gifts you can provide to a charity.
We are always grateful for assistance on a variety of tasks that form part of delivering our unique youth programmes.  This can vary from data entry to Media and Communications assistance.  Please drop us a line with the skills you have to offer and we will get back to you with more information on requirements at the time.

Provides one-on-one adult assistance, from a non-disciplinary source, to young people whilst still at school, will assist their development by:

  • Increasing self confidence
  • Helping them gain experience of the working world
  • Broadening their horizons and raising expectations
  • Improving their academic performance

If you can spare around three hours a month, you could be eligible to be one of our youth mentors.  Please contact us for further details.
All mentors must have Criminal Records Bureau clearance and Child Protection Training.

Each year adult leaders accompany our students on the Global Insight component of our programmes.  If you have a passion for conservation, ecology, trails, working with youth or other attributable skills and could be available for three weeks in June/July, please read our leader job description and let us know if you’re interested.


Youth Worker
We are looking to recruit a detached Youth Worker who will liaise with all our young people over the year that are taking part in the Open Horizons programme.  A brief role description is listed here, if this appeals and you want to know more, please  contact us for a more detailed job description.  This is a paid role.


Trusteeship is one of the most important roles in the voluntary sector. Trustees give direction to a charity and are ultimately responsible for its activities. There are lots of small charities working for diverse causes like ours, who could really benefit from the time and skills you could offer them as a trustee.  Please contact us if you could be interested in becoming a clouddog trustee.


Donating Items
Beneficiaries that carry onto the Global Insight component of our experience often need decent walking shoes, outdoor wet weather gear and minor travel items.  Any donation of second hand products of this kind, can be stored in our equipment library so that students that cannot usually afford specialist items, can loan them for the one month component.
  Walking shoes for the 2013 cohort were kindly donated by TEVA UK
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