5 Governance (1)

A board of between six and ten active trustees meet quarterly to plan the direction of the charity and to make key decisions.

We believe the diversity and experience of our Board is crucial to the success of our programmes. Two members hold a total of over 30 years experience in Investment Banking; another has ten years experience in Marketing & Communications; we have two Educators with more than 20 years experience, plus Management consulting experience of more than nine years. Each of them is fully dedicated to the aims and objectives of clouddog and the impact our programmes have achieved.

Name Position (all Trustees) Sub-Committees
Christopher STOW* Director & Chairperson Selection, Alumni
Pamela Anne ROBERTS Director & Treasurer Strategy, Selection, Mentoring
Andrea MATIAS Director Fundraising, Events
Christine RIVERA Director Strategy, Selection, Fundraising
Miranda PITCHER Director Selection, Events
Simon BODEN Director Selection, Alumni
Teresa BROSNAN* Director & Programme Mgr Strategy, Selection, Fundraising
*Also Member of SA Board

Annual Report & Accounts

Accounts for all UK registered charities are available from the Charity Commission website
Our latest set of accounts, as well as a full history of previous annual accounts are included for your convenience.

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Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy
louddog embraces the diversity of its volunteers and beneficiaries and is dedicated to creating a environment in which diversity makes a positive contribution to achieving our aims and goals. Our beneficiaries, as our school audience dictates, are extremely diverse and can include Black and White African, Afro Carribean, Asian, White, Cape Coloured, Indian and Afrikaans.

clouddog aims to achieve and carry out the highest levels of best practice in diversity. Although we only have two part-time employees, our aims are the same for our volunteers:

  • Strive to provide equal opportunities for our volunteers, team leaders and beneficiary applicants;
  • Value and respect diversity by acknowledging and celebrating differences;
  • Recognise that everyone has a contribution to make
  • Aim to ensure that all, Trustees, volunteers, member and non-member organisations and individuals with whom we
    have contact will be treated fairly and in an unbiased way.

Our Carbon Footprint
clouddog closely watch our environmental impact. One of the areas where we closely monitor our impact is through our flights. Part of the clouddog experience involves uniting London and Johannesburg beneficiaries in South Africa for an extended educational immersion. Whilst we realise the environmental impact this makes we also recognise the value it brings and the life changing qualities it can provide to our beneficiaries.  We’ve looked at many methods to neutralise our impact and the Board of Trustees has decided to utilse the calculator provided below. Linked to our friends at Food and Trees for Africa, it is the only approved calculator currently in South Africa. clouddog will be purchasing trees to offset the Co2 impact from all our journeys and clouddog beneficiaries will be planting them at their school sites in Johannesburg.


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