Mission, Vision, Values

Copyright Terry Linsell.  Used with kind permission.

Copyright Terry Linsell. Used with kind permission.


clouddog offers inner city young people an intensive twelve-month programme of personal development, skills acquisition and activity in environmental and conservation issues.

We work with young people who may not be considering further education or professional employment prospects. We want to break cycles of deprivation so that a young person’s background does not dictate their future.

Our vision is for each young person is -

  • To develop self-knowledge and confidence in their abilities;
  • To build leadership skills;
  • To enhance future employability through
    • strengthening team-working skills
    • developing professional skills
    • gaining a sense of focus and direction in continuing education and career choices
  • To be inspired to make a contribution to the community;
  • To deepen their understanding of the environment and conservation;
  • To be motivated to plan their future and make positive choices.



clouddog holds three principal values at its core. It is these values on which all of the charity’s work is predicated.

Personal Empowerment
We believe youth who have a deep sense of self, strong self-esteem, and confidence in their in their abilities are better positioned to continue with higher education, to find and pursue rewarding careers, to share in fulfilling relationships and overall to become a positive influence on the world around them.

Community Engagement
We believe it is the role of every individual to perceive, understand, and act on the issues that face our communities, local or global. Tolerance and understanding of inter-cultural differences are essential to engaging in issues that take on a global context.

Environmental Awareness
We believe that through education and exposure, individuals can be inspired to find their own way of positively influencing the health and vitality of our environment – be it from recycling to becoming an environmental lawyer. The environment touches everyone and everyone touches the environment. Inaction through ignorance is no excuse.